William Shatner

A huge bucket list achievement this week. I got to meet William Shatner! I don’t have the photo of this epic event yet, but I will soon.

The Star Trek Original Series Tour is in Ticonderoga, New York. A wonderful trekkie paradise with a lot of the original set and a masterpiece of recreation where needed. James Cawley is the ultimate TOS fan and he took his love of Trek and made something that we can all share.

The bridge of the Enterprise. Star Trek Original Series Tour, Ticonderoga, NY.

Mr Shatner is of course around 88 years old, but you would never guess his age. He does appear to be timeless and full of energy. He started his interaction with guests around 10am and was still going strong around 6pm. Hundreds of people turned up to share this moment, and every single one of them was sparkly eyed and overjoyed to see the great man. Including me.

Why am I including this on my Reiki ponderings? Simple. I did something that gave me joy. There is no better boost to your wellbeing than simply doing something that you really want to do. I’m on a bit of a weight loss journey and had bought my Red Crew Dress with thoughts of losing enough weight to wear it well. This did not happen. I could easily have given up and just worn a non-trek outfit, but no, I simply bought a bigger dress. I wasn’t the version of me that I had thought I would be, but the moment was still precious. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very body positive, but each person knows when they feel good and when they don’t. But you should never let that stop you pursuing your joy.

In the Captain’s chair. Red dress and all. I’ve loved Star Trek since I was a child. You have no idea how lovely this moment was for me.

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