The Holidaze Event

Thank you to everyone who came by Roots of Wellness for the Holidaze Event. I had a great time. I hope you all did too! We had a fabulous selection of vendors, including face painting for the kiddos. So many talented and knowledgeable people around here. I even managed to grab myself a Sound Therapy session. Needed it badly!

There are several spaces for energy work and massage therapy, but for some reason I just love the little room out back. As soon as I walk in there, I feel peaceful. I love working in there. I do have my clients lay on the table if possible. The Chakra mat under them and I offer a small coverlet for a feeling of security. It’s not always easy to relax if you feel exposed [even fully clothed].

I make these little Goat’s Milk and Green Tea soaps for my Full Session clients to take home with them. This gives you 7 days of Reiki Infused Chakra opening bathing ritual. I think it’s important to keep the energy flowing. Negative out. Water in. Keep hydrated!

If you are interested in booking a distance Reiki, here’s the deal. You book your appointment. At the scheduled time, you make sure that you have a safe and comfortable spot to relax. I’ll send you a link to my session walk through. I will go through it at my end using my surrogate bear and you can visualize the hand positions as I work. The video I send you lists the positions and the timing, so you know exactly when and where the energy is focused. Most people fall asleep during this session, so make sure it’s a comfy spot.

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