Lunar New Year Release and Renew Event

Come along to Roots of Wellness, for a one hour Lunar New Year Release and Renew, reiki/meditation event.

This is a group session with limited availability. Tickets are available on the Facebook page or you can email me via this page to reserve a spot.

We will be meditating on those things that we want to leave behind with the old Lunar Year and we will create mandalas to focus our thoughts. These mandalas will then be destroyed, and with them go our unwanted baggage. A new mandala will be created to bring in the New and each participant will choose a stone pendant to energize and take home with them. See you there!

Six Week Yoga Course

Roots of Wellness is hosting a six week yoga course beginning tomorrow, Jan 4th, 2020. The cost is $10.00 per session or $50.00 if you prepay for the whole 6 weeks.

7.30 to 8.30 am at 39 School St, Hillsborough. NH. Upstairs in the yoga studio. I’ll be there, but Brenda is the instructor, you’ll love it, believe me.

The Holidaze Event

Thank you to everyone who came by Roots of Wellness for the Holidaze Event. I had a great time. I hope you all did too! We had a fabulous selection of vendors, including face painting for the kiddos. So many talented and knowledgeable people around here. I even managed to grab myself a Sound Therapy session. Needed it badly!

There are several spaces for energy work and massage therapy, but for some reason I just love the little room out back. As soon as I walk in there, I feel peaceful. I love working in there. I do have my clients lay on the table if possible. The Chakra mat under them and I offer a small coverlet for a feeling of security. It’s not always easy to relax if you feel exposed [even fully clothed].

I make these little Goat’s Milk and Green Tea soaps for my Full Session clients to take home with them. This gives you 7 days of Reiki Infused Chakra opening bathing ritual. I think it’s important to keep the energy flowing. Negative out. Water in. Keep hydrated!

If you are interested in booking a distance Reiki, here’s the deal. You book your appointment. At the scheduled time, you make sure that you have a safe and comfortable spot to relax. I’ll send you a link to my session walk through. I will go through it at my end using my surrogate bear and you can visualize the hand positions as I work. The video I send you lists the positions and the timing, so you know exactly when and where the energy is focused. Most people fall asleep during this session, so make sure it’s a comfy spot.

Of Travels and Visits

On Tuesday I am flying to England for 3 weeks to visit family and friends and for a wedding. I’ve been waiting just over 4 years for this, but now it’s approaching fast and my stomach is feeling it. I really do not enjoy flying and even though British Airways are spectacular in the customer service and passenger comforts, its the big metal tube in the sky part that makes my stomach churn. There will be lots of Reiki meditations being done and also a lot of playing Bloons Tower Defense 6!

New Hampshire is fortunate to be covered by two international airports one in Manchester, NH and Logan in Boston, MA. Flightline make getting the airport a breeze, you can get picked up at home or go to one of their pickup points. In my case I am going to the Radisson Hotel in Nashua, NH to jump on a shared van ride to Logan. I’m doing the reverse on the way home. It’s about $54.00 each way, but considering the gas and time cost for a person to drop me off or the parking fees to leave a car, it’s really cheap.

I found out that you can take a refillable water bottle through security as long as it is empty for the checkpoint and then you can fill at a water station post-security. That makes me very happy as I’m not a huge coffee drinker and it’s hard to get good tea on the fly.

There will be meditation

William Shatner

A huge bucket list achievement this week. I got to meet William Shatner! I don’t have the photo of this epic event yet, but I will soon.

The Star Trek Original Series Tour is in Ticonderoga, New York. A wonderful trekkie paradise with a lot of the original set and a masterpiece of recreation where needed. James Cawley is the ultimate TOS fan and he took his love of Trek and made something that we can all share.

The bridge of the Enterprise. Star Trek Original Series Tour, Ticonderoga, NY.

Mr Shatner is of course around 88 years old, but you would never guess his age. He does appear to be timeless and full of energy. He started his interaction with guests around 10am and was still going strong around 6pm. Hundreds of people turned up to share this moment, and every single one of them was sparkly eyed and overjoyed to see the great man. Including me.

Why am I including this on my Reiki ponderings? Simple. I did something that gave me joy. There is no better boost to your wellbeing than simply doing something that you really want to do. I’m on a bit of a weight loss journey and had bought my Red Crew Dress with thoughts of losing enough weight to wear it well. This did not happen. I could easily have given up and just worn a non-trek outfit, but no, I simply bought a bigger dress. I wasn’t the version of me that I had thought I would be, but the moment was still precious. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very body positive, but each person knows when they feel good and when they don’t. But you should never let that stop you pursuing your joy.

In the Captain’s chair. Red dress and all. I’ve loved Star Trek since I was a child. You have no idea how lovely this moment was for me.

Golden Silk Jade Quartz

Calmness and serenity. Solar plexus crystal.

While all crystals promote harmony between the mind, body and spirit, the Golden Silk Jade crystal is a superstar in the world of crystal healing thanks to its powerful connection to the solar plexus chakra and its varying degrees of calming and relaxing shades of yellow and gold. When it comes to bringing serenity and cleansing into your life, the Golden Silk Jade crystal stone is the ultimate crystal ally. 

Yellow square with white letters describing the solar plexus chakra.
Clarity of mind leads to positive actions. Clear your solar plexus.

Reiki and Energy Work Services

I offer in person Reiki sessions. These are non invasive and do not require me to touch the recipient. In general my hands will be no closer than one inch to the patient. This technique allows for me to channel the energies using Reiki without the recipient needing to be touched. This is particularly useful when the patient has an injury and touch would cause them unnecessary pain. Some patients also prefer the ‘hands off’ approach due to personal space. The patient is fully clothed although I do recommend removing the shoes and wearing comfortable clothes.